Destra GPU network

Why the ecosystem needs a decentralized GPU power.

On other networks and protocols, users usually run nodes and use their GPU power to run endless hashing to get rewarded. This is a waste of every resource involved in the process. In Destra Network, no resource is wasted, thanks to our AI traffic and resource management algorithms.

On the Destra network, the GPU resources of the users will be contributed to the network, for which they will be rewarded. To calculate rewards, our network uses a Proof of Sync consensus.

To make it sound simple: You contribute your GPU power to the network - you get a reward. You consume the GPU power from the network - you pay the charges.


- Reducing the wastage of GPU power in the ecosystem

- Zero downtime: Your applications requiring intense GPU power will never run out of resources, with the endless availability of GPU resources on the Destra Network

- Scalability: Irrespective of the size of your requirement, our network of GPU clusters got you covered.

- Security: Our clusters of GPUs are abstracted in multiple layers, to provide security to the processing.


- Bio simulations: Simulating viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms RNS structures requires humongous GPU power, which is impossible from a single cluster or a centralized source. These simulations can be run by harnessing the distributed GPU power available on the Destra Network

- Rendering graphical media: Rendering games, videos, and other content using our distributed network of GPUs.

- Training LLMs: Using our vast power of GPU network, users can train their own LLMs.

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