One-click Decentralized Web Hosting

To take the whole Web3 ecosystem to decentralize, the first phase is to take their websites from the Web2 servers to true Web3. To achieve this, Destra is offering one-click website deployment to Destra's decentralized web hosting using IPFS and storage from Destra Net.

D-Sync aims to establish a permanent and distributed web by employing a content-addressed system instead of HTTP's location-based system.

A Web2 HTTP request typically appears as: (used by competitors)

A Web3 D-Sync request looks like:


Instead of using a single server's IP address or a centralized CDN, we utilize the content itself as the address, achieved through a cryptographic hash on the file. This content is distributed over multiple nodes in the network. This achieves true decentralization and elimination of central authority. The cherry on the cake is, this makes sure your website never goes down, like never.

For a regular user of the website, these request dynamics don't matter, for them what matters is the following,

In supported browsers(Opera and Brave), they can access websites hosted on Destro Network directly through the ENS domain name. For example, if your ENS domain name is truedefi.eth, you can open the following URL directly in these browsers and access the website:


Now, when coming to Web3 unfriendly browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, which don't have support for ENS out of the box, anyone can access the websites hosted using Destro's Decentralised ENS gateway.

Let's say your ens domain name is truedefi.eth and you want to access it through an unsupported browser, then you can just go to the following URL:


Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

Developers can swiftly launch and update the user interfaces of their dApps. This hosting solution enables seamless interaction with smart contracts and decentralized networks, facilitating rapid iteration and user feedback integration.

Blockchain-Based eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce platforms utilizing blockchain for transactions can benefit from one-click hosting, ensuring their storefronts are as decentralized as their payment systems. This setup enhances user trust and aligns with the ethos of decentralization, providing a consistent user experience from browsing to payment.

Crypto Wallets and Financial Services

Projects developing decentralized finance (DeFi) services, including wallets and trading platforms, can utilize one-click hosting for their web interfaces. This approach guarantees that their services are accessible across the globe without central point failures, crucial for financial applications demanding high uptime and security.

NFT Galleries and Marketplaces

With the NFT market's expansion, platforms that host, display, and sell NFTs require robust, decentralized hosting solutions. One-click hosting supports the heavy traffic and dynamic content characteristic of NFT platforms, ensuring they remain scalable and resistant to censorship or takedowns.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

DAOs, which operate on principles of collective decision-making and blockchain governance, can establish their online presence through one-click hosting. This facilitates transparent communication, voting, and publication of proposals and results, in line with their decentralized governance models.

Token Launch Platforms and ICOs

For projects launching new cryptocurrencies or tokens, creating a reliable and accessible platform is crucial. One-click decentralized hosting ensures that these platforms are resistant to attacks and accessible worldwide, supporting successful launches and ongoing token management.

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