Decentralized DNS (Destra DNS)

Destra's Decentralized DNS (Destra DNS) marks a significant leap towards a fully decentralized internet, addressing the critical limitations of traditional Domain Name Systems that are centralized and heavily monitored by corporate entities. Despite the monumental advancements in blockchain and Web3 technologies over the past decade—from the mining of the first Bitcoin block in 2009 to reaching trillion-dollar market caps—our reliance on the centralized Web2 DNS architecture remains a stark contradiction to the ethos of decentralization. This centralized control over internet traffic, with DNS service providers having the ability to monitor every domain visited, presents a concerning level of surveillance and control by corporate entities over our digital lives.

Destra DNS stands to challenge this status quo by offering a truly decentralized domain name system, surpassing the capabilities of existing solutions like the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). While ENS has been a pioneer in decentralized domain names using the ERC-721 standard and partially implementing the EIP-137 standards, Destra DNS takes it a step further by fully embracing both ERC-137 and ERC-1185 standards. These standards are specifically designed to facilitate decentralized domain name solutions, ensuring a more secure, private, and user-centric internet.

How Destra DNS Enhances Decentralization

Destra DNS operates on a fundamentally decentralized model, making it inherently more aligned with the principles of Web3. Here’s how it works:

Domain Name Acquisition: Users can easily purchase their desired domain name directly through Destra's user-friendly Dapp interface. The process involves interacting with the dApp's frontend and completing the transaction via a browser-based wallet, making the acquisition of decentralized domain names straightforward and accessible to everyone.

DNS Settings Management: Once a domain name is acquired, users have full control over their DNS settings. This empowers them to configure their domain in alignment with Destra's Decentralized Hosting services, ensuring that their websites are not only decentralized by name but also by nature.

Universal Access: Websites hosted on Destra can be accessed in multiple ways to ensure universal reach. Users browsing from Web3-supported browsers can directly access these sites using the decentralized domain names. Meanwhile, those on unsupported browsers are not left behind; Destra's DNS gateway facilitates access, ensuring that the decentralized web is as inclusive as possible. Additionally, Destra's DNS services offer a seamless experience for all users, regardless of their browser preference.

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